Intelligence has many definitions but in simple terms, it can be described as a measurement of the ability of an organism by which the organism can gain any knowledge or any skill and apply them in their life.

Artificial intelligence means the creation of such intelligence in machines by simulating intelligence (human intelligence) in machines in various ways to make machines more and more helpful for humans. In this topic, we will see how AI is beneficial for the Information Technology sector.

Some ways by which Artificial Intelligence uses in the IT sector are as follows:

 It helps in maintaining the security of data: AI is very useful in maintaining the security of data as we all know, in today’s world there are many threats present which can destroy your data or another possibility is that anyone can steal your personal and important data. 

Few types of threats are ransomware, malware, zero-day exploit, SQL injection, etc.

Some solution to these threats by using Artificial intelligence

Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) 

(SIEM) It is a combination of two systems security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM) by which information of threats can be analyzed in real-time and they can be solved in real-time to prevent data from any kind of threat.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

It is a very simple, advanced, and more effective way to secure your data. 

In this method, the computer (or any machine) use AI to trace your activity on it and make a track record of all the activities of you, by which it makes a particular pattern of behavior to know how you use the machine and if any other person somehow gets your ID and password and go through your computer then also this security system can judge that it is not you because a person can steal your password or ID but can not steal your behavior and every person has different behavior towards a machine which can be judged by using AI.

After knowing that it is not you the machine gets alert and it will either switch off itself or send you a message on your phone to ask whether the user is you or not or perform any other function according to the guideline provided by you for such a situation.

Better communication: With the use of AI a better communication can be made. In the communication system, AI makes its own communication which is called beta version by which it detects and resolves any problem which is arising anywhere in the communication system. If by using AI the problem can not be resolved then also it will inform so that the communication glitch can be resolved in real-time.

AI not only help in detecting and solving any problem, but it also increases the range of communication, by using AI we can also communicate with the machine for example Now there are smart televisions which have remote by which you can verbally order the television to change the channel or even to on or off your home’s lights if lights are connected to the television, another famous example is Google Assistance and there is no need to explain the Google Assistance in today’s world.

Making any software: When a software developer, develops any software then the developer spends a lot of time and his/her brain to make it but, after completing the project if the developer realizes that there is a mistake he/she has made to develop a software to it is very difficult to improve that mistake and in some condition, it takes a lot of time to improve the mistake after completion of the software so, While making any software, now Artificial  Intelligence is used to get real-time information about any mistake in any developing software as AI can detect and inform any the type of error made by the developer and then the developer can remove that error in real-time which saves time of the developer.

 Automation in the IT sector: Automation is the process in which machines perform all the tasks which were earlier carried out by humans. 

In the IT sector automation includes network automation, infrastructure automation, standard operating environments (SEOs), and much more.

 Improve productivity: The use of AI helps to improve the productivity of the IT sector as all AI tools used can work much faster and also much more accurately than humans. To understand more can take the example of a computer, when there was no computer then it can take a whole day to write some pages but with help of a computer you can do the task in minutes, computers increase the efficiency of humans, similarly AI us to check to work of the machine (computer) and improve the efficiency of the machine and thus productivity increases.

Server optimization by AI: By the use of artificial intelligence, servers can be optimized to do more work in less time.

 AI can judge the power consumption by any server and also can provide solutions to reduce power consumption by the server.

Artificial Intelligence can also protect and monitor the data of the server and it can also do the normal work required for the IT experts which helps them a lot and saves their time and money as well.

AI can be used as the latest malware which protects the data of the server from the latest malware, as we know the latest malware can be very dangerous and sometimes can not be removed easily so this problem can be solved with help of artificial intelligence.

Following are some points to show how AI impacts Information technology:

1. AI improves the capability of the information technology sector by doing much work which previously used to be done by humans. For example, it can send automatic reminders to employees doing their work in time which is done by a particular person verbally or in written form, and if the person forgets means loss of the company so artificial intelligence makes it easy to perform any task at a given time and saves money and time of the company.

2. Now there is no need to monitor network traffic on a website, this work is done by artificial intelligence itself. Tools like Google Analytics are AI-based and monitor time to time traffic to your website before the concept of AI there are websites in which you have to monitor traffic on your website. 

3. Today, with the help of AI, you can give commands to your machine by saying something to it, before AI it was mandatory to type or to switch any button to make any machine work.

 This facility helps that person who is not able to move from his place and depends on another person. 

 4.The google search now provides voice search which            is very useful as the anyone who does not know how to tackle a machine can also perform a voice search with ease

5. AI saves time hence it increases the performance of the IT sector and we know all other sectors use  information technology for their work so it indirectly increases the efficiency of all the sectors

Conclusion: Artificial intelligence is a vast topic to study and it has a great impact on Information technology. In the above article, I have discussed all the roles of AI in the IT sector.

I hope you got all the points which are discussed above.