You need to store a huge amount of memory in your systems. There is a chance of losing all your data by mistake or formatting your device for some reason so you need a backup of your precious data to get it back. 

This article is all about what is backup and what are some famous data recovery software.

What is Backup And How To Take Backup?

Backup means saving a copy of required data (files, videos, audios, pictures, etc.) in a place other than your device so that if there is a need of formatting your device (or your device get formatted by chance) then you can format it without worrying about losing any important files, the important saved copies can be saved again to your device from your backup. There are mainly four types of backups.

Full backup: Here you can save all the data in the device irrespective of their importance, in this backup that data is also backed up which is of no further use.

In this backup, no special tool is required to save all the data in one place.

Incremental backup: This kind of backup saves that data which has changed since your last backup. For instance, if you have previously backed up 10 files and after that, you have saved one more file in your device then it will back up only the new file which is recently saved.

This type is a very fast way of backing up but it is very slow in data recovery.

  Differential backup: This is the kind in which all the data is saved from the last Full backup. It is like Incremental backup but the incremental backup will save only that data which is changed from the last backup whereas differential backup will save all the data which has changed from the last full backup.

This backup has a fast recovery than the incremental backup but also needs more space than an incremental backup.

Mirror backup: To understand this just concentrate on the word mirror, a mirror just reflect anything, if you are in front of any mirror then it will reflect you, and when you will 

move from that place then your image will not be seen in the mirror similarly in mirror backup if the source of copied data (data which is backed up) is deleted from your device then backed up data will be deleted automatically.

The Common Ways To Take Backup of Data.

Back up by using tapes: These are the earliest methods used for the backup process and used from approx mid of 20th century. First tapes (magnetic tape)are round like wheels then in form of cassettes Today these systems are available in a more advanced form. Now there are tapes that can store almost 185 TB per tape which is released by the famous Sony company.

Process: In strips of tape there is a magnetic material. If data is stored in the edge of magnetic material then it is called Linear recording and if it is recorded diagonally in strips then the recording is called helical recording.

You just have to put the tape in a socket and start copying the data from the computer to the tape. 

Disk-based backup: The next thing invented for backup work is by disks. Disks are more compact and easy to carry from one place to another and these are made to store more data as they have more capacity to store than regular tape. 

Hard disks commonly known as hard drives are very useful as the recovery from them is very easy.

 Today’s Hard drives are cheaper and also with high storage capacity and more efficient than previous hard drives so they are also used for the data backup by many individuals and companies for their work.

Process: To save anything on the disk you have to start the Burn process. First, you have put an empty disk on the socket of the CPU of desktop or laptop and then click on burn after that select all the data which you have to copy under the burn option and finally burn it and your data will be copied in the disk.

Backup by using cloud storage: 

Cloud storage is the latest technology to store any type of data directly to any server which is available to all. This way is the most money efficient way because in cloud storage you can store much more data in comparison to the hard disk and tapes.

These have very low maintenance charges as cloud storage can be maintained easily by one IT expert.

These are used by big business farms or by big companies that have a high amount of data to be backed upon them. 

The biggest disadvantage of this is, you need a high-speed network for backing up and restoring data. If you have a good network these are very useful.
Process: To do cloud backup you have to do all install a software that can do all the possess to copy and save your data in a cloud server.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery: It is actually a detailed scheme and methods to recover from any disaster as soon as possible, here disaster recovery means the recovery of lost data, main server, hardware, software, or any other thing related to the information technology.

The use of secondary systems is taken when there is any type of disaster found in the main or primary system.

There is a full plan already made before any type of disaster occurred to tackle any possible disaster. 

The disaster can be man-made or natural, any type of disaster can harm your device and data.

      Following are some Backup and Disaster Recovery Tools

Acronis: This is a very good recovery software as it can copy your data and automatically store it in cloud storage so you do not have to worry about the safety of your device to save your backup.

Backblaze: It is low-cost software that provides ultimate storage by use of cloud storage. It is easy to use software that can backup all types of data regularly and no need to worry about giving commands to back up again and again. Another feature of this software is to protect your data from any threat of malware. 

Carbonite: It is very useful software as it allows hybrid backup and you can save your data in the cloud and also in a hard drive as well. It also provides the mirror-image backup for your data.

Novabackup: Novabackup is very easy to use software that has its own unique feature like bare metal restore, single file restore, automation of backup, notification of any email. Etc.Unitrends: A software with great qualities and all in one type of software besides backup and disaster recovery can take care of the security of your device as well. If you have installed it, then you do not need any extra software for the restoration process.

Conclusion: In this article, I have discussed all the Backup and Disaster recovery and some software used in process recovery. I hope this article helped you a lot.