File Transfer Protocol, popularly known as FTP which is used for transferring files between computers on the internet or on a TCP (transmission control protocol) and IP (internet protocol). Once users get access they can transfer and receive files in the file transfer protocol (FTP) server a.k.a file site/host, most website developers use FTP to make changes on a website as it is easier and secure to handle and manage a large number of files while using FTP.

How to Transfer Files using FTP Protocol?

FTP connection requires two parties to set up and communicate on a proper network and to work with it users should have all permission which is possible only by providing credentials to its server for using its service but there are some public FTP servers in which users don’t have to provide any credentials to access their files, which are popularly known as anonymous FTP.

while setting up an FTP connection there are two different communication channels, one is the command channel where instructions and response occur and the other is the data channel where the distribution of data occurs, to transfer or receive a file, a user will have to use the protocol to request for making changes on the server, afterward, the server will grant access and this session is called the active connection mode.

What are FTP ports?

FTP makes it easier for users to transfer files from their computers to the remote servers with the help of professional software tools generally known as FTP clients, there are many software tools that users use to set up a connection with their choice of a remote machine and can transfer any necessary data on it, the FTP connections are implemented through specific ports, which can either be the default TCP (transmission control protocol) ports or can be the customize ports by an administrator.

Implementing an FTP port connection for a client a two-stage process that requires two specific ports. Once the user puts the server’s name and the login credentials in the fields of FTP clients the FTP connection will be settled and the control port of the FTP server (the port for sending commands 21) will be opened, then the second connection to the server will be made by the client, the sending port of the FTP server (data sending port 20) will be executed when the transfer of files will occur.

How does FTP Server Works?

FTP servers are the only solutions that are used to transfer files all over the internet. if you use FTP to upload files, the files will be transferred from the servers to your computers. if you are downloading files via FTP the files will be transferred from the servers to your computers and the internet will use languages or TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) to execute the commands for transferring files to the server.

FTP servers are also considered as the mediator between the sender of the file and the recipient of that file, to works with an FTP server, you will require a proper server address for eg- a server address can be “” and sometimes the server address can also be in the numeric address like “21.435.111.09”.

Benefits Of Using FTP Server

  1. Security

the greatest benefit of using FTP servers is that the level of security they provide to manage or transfer files is very secured, FTPS and SFTP both are secure file transfer protocols and adds extra layers of security to the FTP transfers, there are many FTP servers which supports both SFTP and FTPS to protect your shared data and always makes it secured, which ensures that your data will not be transferred to the wrong hands or the wrong person they are encrypted.

When you will transfer any sensitive data you will concern because third parties will definitely hindrance your transfer, till here a normal person with a few knowledge or with the proper tools can be able to intercept your files, you will also concern that your transfer did not become a victim of any virus or malware, but when you use SFTP or FTPS server the expert vendor will handle all transfers they will protect your transfer and they are only responsible for it.

2. Control

Another major benefit of using FTP servers is that with the level of control they provide, you will have full control over your data, there are many FTP servers that offer access by allowing their administrators to pre-define that who will upload, edit, download, share, or delete the files, and the folders they manage also have many specific permissions.

If you own any business so you will not give access of your sensitive data to each and every employee it matters in which positions they are, it is not necessary that the financial records which CFO will require, the same will be the requirement of any superior in the organization their ability to manage the works depends that for which work they are perfect and by doing this you can protect your all files and transfers.

3. Large File Sizes

Have you ever tried to send any files via email, let me tell, you will only see a message that your files are too big to send and if your business deals with a huge amount of sensitive data and facing problems in sending your large files, instead of sharing files hundreds of times use FTP server which allows you to send gigabytes of files all at once.

4. Improve Workflow

The sharing file process which takes a very long time can negatively impact the productivity of your business from which your workflow also interrupted, instead of sharing files one by one you can share large files instantly by using an FTP server and even you can schedule your massive amount of data for nights or days from which your workflow will not be interrupted.  

FTP server provides you a specific location in which you can easily store your all massive data or files from which the time of your employees searching for any specific location to store that data will save and there will be no fear of losing these files.

5. Disaster Recovery

Problems don’t tell before they arrive, imagine if what will happen when very sensitive data of your company will be lost? definitely, you will have to suffer loss, but when you select the top and secured FTP provider, it is the other benefit of using FTP servers is that your vendor will ensure that your data whether it is everyday data or any sensitive data will never be lost.


File transfer protocol (FTP) is the easiest and secure way to transfer files from the computers to the servers by using TCP (transmission control protocol) or IP (internet protocol), it also gives a specific location to you where you can store your all large files or sensitive data and ensure that obstacle doesn’t come in your workflow.