If you have a localized business, like a store, people visit your store, then the website can play a crucial role to provide you several opportunities in front of all users (world) online, optimizing your site will help the users to find the real location of your store. If now also you are not getting customers for your localized store, and still you are not targeting the audience or customers of your local area or nearby of your physical store, so your foremost requirement is to optimize your certain area or local area and that’s called local SEO.

Local SEO is the process of Search Engine Optimization which can help your local business to rank in the local searches on Google or on other search engines from which your local business can be seen by the potential customers, eg- 5-star hotels in Mumbai, a coffee shop near me, and users can just search nearby services by just switching on their location in their settings.

Why Local SEO is Important to Your Business?

  1. Most of the users, Most of the Time Use local keywords.

As now it’s the time where everything goes on digitally from shopping, booking tickets to any bank payment but imagine if you are in need of some product so, what will you prefer going to the physical store or you will order online and for its arrival, you will wait off course everyone will go for the localized store. There are also several categories of products which you want to see or want to test any product yourself before purchasing to it, for eg- new fashion clothes, a newly launched car, and many more. there are too many things which you can’t buy online but it’s true you can check them out online.

The same rule applies to the services too, when you search for any hotel, restaurants, and any repairest nearby to you. you specifically want the best of them nearby to you which can able to help you out. According to a report of HubSpot, around 97% of online searches are done mainly for the purpose of searching for a local business.

2. Local SEO Enhance your Ranking in the local Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

According to some reports in which it is clearly stated that around 64% of local users use search engines like Google as a major way while searching for any local business and around 50% of local users who search for local businesses, visit the same physical store for which they have searched and that too within 24 hours or in an exact same day. If you own a physical store which deals with physical transactions, then you are losing hundreds of views by not optimizing your store in local SEO.

A lot of people do local searches to find local businesses it can be yours too if their keywords match your services and close to them but the value of local SEO is much greater than this, but the real fact is that the local searches that are coming from several users to your business are more likely to increase your sales.

3. Local SEO Brings Your Business In Front or Center of Your Targeted Audience.

It’s a great thing for every local business because there are too many people who search online to find local businesses nearby to them and also create a sale for their selected business, but if you have not optimized your business yet now, thinking these things can happen with you can be a major mistake for you. 

if you can beat and rank higher than your competitors on appropriate local searches, then it’s sure that users will be able to see your business first and it will have a good effect on your business from local searches, around 44% of users will click on the best one from the first three locations in the local 3-pack when they do any local searches, however, around 8% of users will wait to load better results. and it’s a fact that users don’t even see any of the business which is below the top one, which clearly highlights the importance of being to the top of the SERPs.

4. Local SEO Improves Your Business Reviews.

If more users visit your business online through local searches and also like your service, so it can increase the chance that they can leave a positive review on your site, which in return helps your site to attracts more audience and also create your good recognition, there is the finest way to attracts more users towards your business is word-of-mouth publicity and online reviews on your site are like a cousin of word-of-mouth. Getting positive reviews from the existing users can attract more potential users to your website which simply means better sales conversion.

According to some reports around 95% of users read reviews before they make a decision to purchase some specific products and around 88% of users trust online positive reviews of the business than any personal recommendations.

5. Local SEO is a Free Source of Advertisements.

Local SEO is free to everyone and to get started with it all you need is just a site, as it allows you to promote your products and services online for the users who are in the need of your products or service. As we know that NAP is crucial for every local business to optimize their site for local SEO and it’s also a factor to rank high in the local SERPs.

You cannot just trust that your presence in local SERPs is ranking you higher Because until you are not in the three-pack you will have to give effort to your site to rank higher in the local searches. However, this effort will be rewarding for you because once it’s done now are able to advertise your products or service for very free.

6. Local Seo Generates a great Return On Investment (ROI).

Local SEO initially targets local users for your local business and with the most relevant keywords ranks you higher on the local SERPs, from which you get potential users towards your business or who actually needs your product or service and if they like your product or service so they leave a positive review on your site which helps users to make a buying decision from your site which increases your sales conversion as well as brand recognition.

Around 78% of users who searches local business from mobile definitely purchase from either the physical store or online. if yet now you have not optimized your local business on local SEO, so you are putting your business in trouble from not getting these consumers as well as sales conversion.

7. Local SEO Helps you to Build Good Relation With your Customers.

If customers are satisfied with your products or service it’s sure that they will be loyal to you for a long period of time and also brings more customers to your business and also contribute to increase your sales with a better sale conversion, you can customize your content or SEO tactics according to the behavior of your customers. these days there are several sites which are much better than you but local SEO gives you the opportunity to rank higher than those.

If you have a lot of loyal customers they will give you full support whenever you will launch a new product or do some changes to services so it’s an advantage for you.


Local SEO is a part of search engine optimization which helps your local business to ranks high on the local SERPs, hopefully, its importance will help you to get your site optimized for the local SEO.