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Take your brand online with ITFox E-Commerce Services

ITFox E-commerce services provide flexible, conversion-based, SEO-friendly e-commerce websites to clients. Our developers build hybrid onlineshops, to engage more potential customers. Our solutions exhibit the exemplary combination of user-friendliness, manageable backend, fast loading time, Omnichannel existence, and thorough data analytics.

Platforms we use to deliver E-Commerce Websites-
  • Magento
  • Woo Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce
  • Open Cart
  • Zen Cart

So What Are You Waiting For?

Surround yourself with smart and passionate people, the best tools and approach.

eCommerce Development Services and Solutions by ITFox Tech

Our team of experienced and skilled eCommerce developers will guide your online business to reach new customers that can turn into conversion. We will provide you complete customer insights, merchandise strategy, technology, and digital marketing strategy to help you establish your brand name.
Take advantage of our scalable and efficient eCommerce Development Services and managed eCommerce Solutions. We understand the logic and ideas behind your projects and provide solutions for the same. We, at ITFox provide a full life cycle of an e-commerce project.
We are recommended e-commerce Development Company having experience and expertise in e-commerce development and web design. Wehave a team of developers to create recognized e-commerce platforms to the best of their knowledge.

E-Commerce for your Online Business

B2B or B2C Marketplace Solutions

ITFox Technologies is skilled to provide you with successful B2B or B2C marketplaces. Here we focus on the needs of the brand that we work on. Hire us to develop fully functioned e-commerce websites that suit your customers. The websites will be 100% customizable, easy to manage, and will be packed with images.

Online Store Development

A successful online store provides a fantastic user experience. The e-commerce website should be with an attractive interface that compels the viewers to become customers. Our e-commerce developers are proficient at the latest technologies to built robust e-commerce websites that will focus on user-friendliness and conversion.

eAuction and ebidding Platforms

We create online Auction and Bidding platforms for various E-Commerce businesses, helping you to expand the business. Our well-framed solutions accompany the owners of the platforms to manage auctions, organize biddings according to their needs or requirements

Aggregator eCommerce

The goal of our developers is to create an aggregator model that is worth drawing a large consumer base. Aggregator marketing is the core base of eCommerce marketing and finance techniques in revolutionizing online marketing and shopping. We will render you solutions to manage various brands easily.

Online booking Systems

Booking eCommerce website is SaaS-based online booking and appointment software that allows onboarding customers to get your sales rolling. The developers at ITFox are here to integrate a booking engine into your eCommerce website to start receiving a booking in few clicks.

Social Media and e-commerce

Implanting e-commerce with social media is influential that permits customers to identify brands by social media, and discover products they would not search for on an e-commerce platform. For our clients, we build buying platforms robustly for social shopping on our client's websites.


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Planning for
the project

Designing the

  • Setting the website's aim according to the target audience.
  • Gathering all the information and ideas for developing the website.
  • Creating a sitemap sketch
  • Creating a mock-up
  • Selecting themes, frameworks, CSS, etc
  • Creating page layouts
  • Pass on the layout's to the Client's
  • Get the Client's feedback on the same.
  • Make changes if required.
  • Develop and deploy websites
  • Make changes if needed
  • SEO for the website
  • We test the website on constant bases
  • When approved by the client’s
  • Upload the site on the server
  • Regression testing is done before launch
  • This step is followed on request from clients.
  • Here we keep the website updated
  • Upload the site on the server
  • Fix bugs on a priority basis.

Coding and SEO

Test, Review, and
Launch the website

Regular Upgrades
and Maintenance

Result-Driven E-Commerce Website Development Services

We provide complete E-Commerce development services that include, consulting services, designing, implementation, integration, training, hosting, maintenance, and support to deliver the best e-commerce solutions.

E-commerce Consulting

We are a team of skilled and devoted consultants within field experience forevery possibility in running business operations on e-commerce platforms. Thus, let our e-commerce consultants help you in engaging maximum results from the business.

Custom E-Commerce Website Design

Upgrade your e-commerce website with high-performing features – theme customization, better fonts, etc. Our experienced UI/UX designers create highly user-friendly websites to make your website stand out from other competitors.

Responsive E-Commerce Website Development

The developers at ITFox focus on building e-commerce websites that are responsive, flexible, manageable, and secure. These websites deliver an unparallel user experience and will be responsive irrespective of the devices used to access them.

E-Commerce Platform Migration

Having issues with the current e-commerce platform and want to switch to a better platform? Here at ITFox we provide E-Commerce Platform Migration services to the most suitable platform effortlessly without downtime.

Payment Gateway Integration

Here at ITFox get the hosted/non-hosted payment gateway integration to facilitate simple and secure online payments on e-commerce websites. Gateway integration can match up to the growing demands with many delays.

Website Performance Optimization

OptimizationCreating an e-commerce website is not enough, optimizing the website to enhance its performance also plays a vital role in developing an E-Commerce website. The team here optimizes the websites to offer a smooth browsing experience to the customers.

Performance Management Solutions

The developers at ITFox follow the standard code syntax, security, integrations, installations, and performance to make sure that the website can undergo traffic pressure without slowing down. Our developers make sure that the website delivers high performance under any strain.

Scalable design and Cloud Solution

Your e-commerce business is not created to serveonly at onelocation. Moreover, E-Commerce is all about user experience. Whether you are a B2B or B2C online web store you have the chance to score high in terms ofrevenue with our e-commerce website development services.

Data Protection for E-Commerce websites

An e-commerce websites data protection is important. At ITFox we employ security protocols and encryption to protect consumers from identity thievery, data stealing, and scam transactions.

Plugin and Module Development

Our developers provide custom Plugins and Modules to client’s e-commerce model that fulfills merchant requirements like- ERP integration, Inventory administration, Content Relationship Management (CRM), Payment gateways, etc.

E-Commerce Mobile App Development

Hire ITFox's professional e-commerce app developers to get the app built-in your preferred niche. We are handy in creating mobile applications that match your business atmosphere and type on Android and ios. Also, we provide aid to the clients in the entire eCommerce application development series.

Maintenance and Support

Maintaining the website after the project is done is a key part of supporting the clients through jumpy time. At, ITFox we provide all the support and maintenance that a website or web application requires to make certain it's smooth functioning while surfing online.

Operational E-Commerce Solutions

We built websites and web apps on e-commerce platforms to create feature-rich online stores.

Logistic Management Service

Logistics Management is the supply chain of managing the procurement, movement, storage, and final transport of the goods and services to a location. ITFox’s Logistics e-commerce solutions come with the reward of accuracy, speed, and scalability.

At ITFox Logistic Management Service you will receive-
  • Container Management
  • Better Communication
  • Tracking System Management
  • Clients Satisfaction
  • Parcel transportation
  • Efficient Management and more.

Inventory Management Service

ITFox uses a multi-echelon inventory system to move toward global, unified business operations to prevent stock-outs and to improve supply efficiency. With good experience managing inventory for various companies, we help clients to rationalize their inventory with well-organized tools.

At ITFox Inventory Management Service you will obtain-
  • Inventory Planning
  • Inventory Cost Accounting
  • Custom Material Optimization
  • Barcoding
  • Designed Shipping
  • Fine Packaging

Warehouse Management Service

ITFox’s approach towards Warehouse Management Service has reduced costs, improved customer and on-time delivery. We research, design, and deliver the most advantageous warehouse solutions for your business. We ensure smooth control and visibility of all warehouse operations

At ITFox Warehouse Management Service you will get-
  • Warehouse optimizations
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Yard and Dock Management
  • (Supply Change Management) SCM solutions/li>
  • Seller Inventory and Management
  • Order Routing

ERP software solutions/ CRM Services

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system integrates all data and processes of a business in a merged system. Whereas Customer Relationship Management (CRM) permits companies to evaluate the companies past, present, and future customers on various levels.

At ITFox ERP and CRM solutions, you will take delivery of–
  • Superior Lead Generation
  • HR Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Enhanced Customer-Support
  • Costing Management

PIM for E-Commerce

Product Information Management (PIM) is used to manage complicated data at a bigger level. PIM also collects and stores data that is provided by various platforms in various forms.Product data is something very important for eCommerce marketplaces; this is why PIM is needed to manage eCommerce business.

At ITFox, the PIM solutions you will receive are–
  • Product Management
  • Product Catalog
  • Product Comparison
  • Product Information
  • Traceable Products
  • Product Categorization

Document Management System

Document Management is used to track, receive, manage, store and reduce paperwork. Our dedicated teams of experts offer the management of all folders and file managers.

At ITFox you will receive the following traits in Document Management Solutions -
  • Accessible Client Interface
  • Organized Files
  • Browsing History
  • Document Upload
  • Files Management
  • Document Management

Point-of-Sale E-Commerce

Full-featured companies' POS systems can manage sales overview, reporting, analytics, inventory managing,connectivity, client data management, and robust integration. Point ofsale is the time where the retail transaction is complete.

Point of Sale at ITFox comes with the following points-
  • Managing Employees
  • Reporting and Monitoring Retails
  • Processing Billing and Ordering
  • Inventory Management
  • Client Relationship
  • Client Experience

Loyalty Program Integration

We put forward solutions integrated with influential preservation strategies. To make certain a blend of functionality and affordability to manage the loyalty programs for the business. ITFox makes your business ready to conquer challenges.

ITFox Loyalty Program Integration includes-
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Website Shopping Cart Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mail List Integration
  • Custom Integration
  • Discounts Inside Networks

E-Commerce Cloud Solutions

Highlight the business with eCommerce technologies for better growth.

Amazon Web Service ( Cloud Solution)

Cloud computing is a term mentioned for storing and accessing data on theinternet. It doesn't store any data on the hard disc of your computer. In cloud computing, you can access data from a foreign server.Amazon Web Service offers bendable, dependable, scalable, manageable, and cost-effective cloud solutions. This platform is created with an amalgamation of infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and Software as Service (Saas).

AWS Application Services-
  • Website Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • SaaS Hosting
  • Image/Video Sharing
  • Storage and Backup recovery
  • Testing environments
  • Development environments
  • Content Delivery
  • Academic Computing
  • Search Engines
Magento Commerce ( Cloud Solution)

Magento Commerce Cloud presents pre-provisioned communications that take in PHP, MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ, and Elasticsearch expertise; a workflow with involuntary build and arranges for ableRapid development andContinuous deployment. Every Magento Commerce Cloud Solution offers PaaS integration for developing, servicing, and testing. This particular cloud solution comes witha lot of additional features that make it stand out from Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source platforms.

10 features of Magento Commerce Cloud Solution-
  • Ece-tools packages
  • Seamless workflow and Production
  • Enhanced Speed of Production Deployment
  • Image/Video Sharing 1
  • Build Process Management
  • Performance Booster
  • Magento-Cloud templates
  • Full increase in available memory
  • Security with Web Application Firewall
  • Image Optimization
  • Protocols Compliance

Here is what Client’s think about ITFox Technologies

Over 900+ Satisfied
Clients and


.ITFox has developers with experience, knowledge, and forecast ability for offering growth to the business. Moreover, we provide solutions like- online stores, e-biding and auctions, B2B & B2C marketplaces, and our developer's expertise in working on platforms like Magento, woo-commerce, open cart, etc.
. Yes, every website we have built is mobile-friendly. With responsive design and media optimization, our developers make certain that the websites work perfectly on every screen.
. The answer to this question depends on one project to another depending on the requirements, budgets, and traffic. Our developers will guide your project based on the latest technology stack.
. At ITFox we provide the following work scope-
  • Website Designing
  • Installing Functions
  • Enhancement of Features
  • Optimized Performance of Website/App
  • Developing Infrastructure
. Mobile dominates the desktop in terms of usage and traffic. Hence, a mobile app is considered competitive in the market of e-commerce. And, all the enhanced features and designing depend on your budgetand the type of market you are entering into.