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We give a path to your innovative ideas through our creativity with the help of a website to increase your business reach over the internet, we build, create, and maintain your website so that your potential user can easily reach you. This includes web designs, web programming, web publishings, and database management. In simple words, we create an application that works on the internet.

Basically, the word 'Web Development' is derived from two words:

1. Web: This means a website/page or anything that runs on the internet.

2. Development: The creation of that website or page in different ways.

There are some basic elements used in the creation of a website like HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Js), PHP, Java, Python, and many other.

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Rajat Sharma

We provide hostel and tour packages across India for which we need a web application (website) so that our users can book a hostel or their favorite destination package easily. So, we were searching for a web development service provider, and thankfully my friend suggests for ITFox Technologies. They created my web application which is running perfectly smooth that also increased our leads, they also provide 24/7 customer support which is the best thing about them.

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Basically, web design is the most important part of any website because it attracts the user to you and the products or services that you are offering. We create creative and user-friendly UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) for your websites so that the user can easily find the thing for which he has entered your site.

Our web designers especially work upon the appearance and the layout of your website.

Appearance - This includes the colors of text and background, font and size of context, and the images to be used.

Layout - Refers to the structurization and categorization of the information that you are giving to the user through text, images, videos, graphs, or anything.

1. Responsive Design - In this design, the content of your website moves according to the screen size of the user's device.

2. Adaptive Design - The content is fixed according to the website layout which matches the common screen size devices.

It all depends on you which method you choose and which one is correct for your website.

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Sarthak Sinha

I have a restaurant as well as a resort, and I wanted a website so that my customers can check out the details of my business like what new dishes we have added to our food menu or regarding my resort. I had many options but I selected ITFox Technologies as their works are so clean and tidy, they not just only create a user-friendly UI (user interface) for my website but also created creative graphics with their innovative ideas which attract more users.


If you want to increase your leads, sales & revenue then you have to change your traditional marketing into digital marketing. ITFox Technologies is an award-winning online marketing service provider that offers top-rated digital marketing services to boost your sales and reputation over the internet.

Digital Marketing will make your online appearance and online reputation. Our responsible team will put efforts to grow your business on the internet. ITFox Technologies provides you a dedicated team for digital marketing services (SEO, SMO, SEM) for your website.

Our digital marketing experts will work all on phases of the internet marketing which includes SEO, local SEO, link building, content writing, online reputation management, e-commerce Marketing, work on UX & UI, Online marketing (Google ads - Search ads, display ads, YouTube ads, etc.), Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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Puneet Agarwal

I run a business of car rental service. I want to promote my business online for which I was in the need of a digital marketing service and I contact ITFox Technologies. Firstly, they created a website for my taxi service then their digital marketing experts team did all the work on phases of internet marketing which affected my sales positively. I will recommend ITFox Technologies for all the new startup companies to promote their business online.

Graphic Designing

ITFox Technologies offer a large range of custom graphic design services, our graphic designers can easily translate your innovative thoughts and ideas into imaginative graphic design that will definitely make your website/page more attractive. We can make designs like:

Brochure designs, Banner designs, Packaging designs, 3D Product packaging designs, Flyer designs, Hoarding designs, Label designs, Book layout designs, Logo designs, Logo clean-up, Business card design, Info graphic design, and Menu design.

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Rashmi Singh

I am the old client of ITFox, they used to make brochure designs and 3d designs for me and I like their every design because they puts all their hard work and dedication into it, due to which the results come clear and sharp. I just want to say that if anyone searching for a graphic designing company then ITFox Technologies is the best option as they will definitely fulfill your needs.

Mobile App Development

As we all know that in today's world, more users are accessing the internet with their Smartphone rather than pc, so to achieve good sales and revenue you have to target the mobile audience too.

If you have a web application and want a mobile app so that your mobile users do not have to face problems to reach you then ITFox Technologies can help you with our expert mobile app developers who can make a user-friendly & attractive mobile application for your business.

What technologies do we use to develop a mobile application (app)?

Basically, there are two types of mobile applications the one is an Android app and the other is an IOS app but we only create Android apps so we use languages like Kotlin, Java, and React Native.

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Kuljeet Singh

I run a business selling milk and other milk products online, I was having a web application from which I had a great sale but I also wanted to target the smartphone users for which I needed a mobile application (app) and I contact ITFox Technologies for that, they develop a mobile app for my business which is running very smoothly all my mobile customers are very happy as well as me too because it helps me a lot in increasing my leads.

API’s Development

API (Application Programming Interface), is a kind of software that allows two different applications to communicate with each other.

If you are opening new business models for your business over the world then ITFox Technologies API's developers can help you by developing reliable, well-documented custom, and easy-to-consume APIs that will help you to boost your business leads.

Our API developers know the importance of API integration, development, and customization, and that's the only reason why we are providing highly secure, flexible, and scalable API development services to our clients for the last few years.

What do we provide?

Custom API integration solutions, implementing API development solutions, custom API integration, API development platforms, API as a service, and API testing automation.

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